home and back

I’m back from a fairly long visit with my parents. My mom and I were very productive, which is my favorite way to be when I go home. Mom likes the sheep, but in part they keep them for me, and so I like to get all of the biggest sheep-related chores done when I go home, like shearing. I think I might take the bf up there for a short weekend so we can shear the ewe lambs.
Now, I’m just here at my computer catching up on internet stuff and drinking decaf green tea. I’m trying not to buy too many groceries since I’ll be moving this weekend. Er, well, Monday/Tuesday of next week. Anyway: the update is that I feel fine, rested, slightly sore from a week off of yoga and then pushing it too hard in class last night, and hungry. I should really go out and get something to eat.


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