Monthly Archives: October 2010

I’m supposed to be writing my prospectus right now, but I haven’t been able to face it. (I am still blaming the marathon exams and conference and subsequent travel.) There is also grading to do, but I had the most unproductive day. I read ass tons of blogs, watched Hulu, and ate zucchini bread I made over the weekend. Then I taught yoga. I also took a quiz to see how big of an asperger I am. I am a 22 and the boyfriend is a 29/30. He is actually kind of totally an asperger. I often make fun of him for this, and it never goes over well. You can take the quiz here and also at other places:


I spent the day writing in my stretchy pants and a dirty t-shirt. It’s strange that I am finally getting into academic writing (almost) as passionately as I have with my creative writing. The past month has been all about producing writing, and I’ve loved it! It’s true that the marathon of the exams prepares you for the dissertation. I can actually see myself writing the diss now.

 Lets talk about my sexuality, shall we? So, today’s national coming out day, and I would say that I’m about 40% gay. Actually, I’m about 90% only sexually attracted to myself. So, of the 10% that is open to "others," I would say about 4 percent of that is for the ladies, hey-oh! The rest is for dudes. Actually, it just so totally depends on the person, but I will say that most of my gayness happens in dreams. I don’t know if this is gay of me, or just totally narcissistic. Knowing me, probably the latter. But, so, today was National Coming Out Day, and I happily watched some very excited gay kids on campus. They were bursting through a door and coming out to the campus. It was pretty contagious. I’m pretty sure it made everyone wanted to come out. I loved it. But, so, yeah, my sexuality. It’s a mystery to me still, even at this age.