Lets talk about my sexuality, shall we? So, today’s national coming out day, and I would say that I’m about 40% gay. Actually, I’m about 90% only sexually attracted to myself. So, of the 10% that is open to "others," I would say about 4 percent of that is for the ladies, hey-oh! The rest is for dudes. Actually, it just so totally depends on the person, but I will say that most of my gayness happens in dreams. I don’t know if this is gay of me, or just totally narcissistic. Knowing me, probably the latter. But, so, today was National Coming Out Day, and I happily watched some very excited gay kids on campus. They were bursting through a door and coming out to the campus. It was pretty contagious. I’m pretty sure it made everyone wanted to come out. I loved it. But, so, yeah, my sexuality. It’s a mystery to me still, even at this age.


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  1. sherewin Post author

    The point of that post was supposed to be about this faint memory of a dream that I had that I couldn’t remember, but feelings and smells and movements lingered all day.

  2. syllepsis

    I dream mostly about dudes. I think I’m about 40% straight, sexually. It’s just that mentally I can’t get into them. I mean, women are so easily controlled. That’s fun.


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