Day 02 – Your first love

In my younger years, my experience was that each new love is more intense than the last. In my years dating "adults," that has not always been the case. (I’m talking about romantic, infatuated love here.) There has been C, E, J, J, I, (and then a mix up of several of them all over again: J, E, I, J, E, J, J, J and so forth) each with their own unique hold over me. And it was more or less love and I was more or less blown away with each new incarnation. Mostly, I recognize that I love myself, am quite selfish, and probably won’t really love another as deeply as myself until I reproduce, the pinnacle of narcissism (in my case it will be). I hold out hope for a good match and a completely distracting romantic love. Though none of these things have ever really all occurred at the same time with the same person for the long term, I believe that it is possible and would be nice to say the least.


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