of work and other things that are not sex

About a week ago I (re)sent a draft of my prospectus to my chair. The feedback was that it was not okay and that maybe I needed to reschedule the oral exam. This news sent me into a tailspin as I was already away for the break and had no access to the resources (re: library books) I would need to consult in order to apply his suggestions. I replied that I did not want to reschedule. What would that mean? Exam next semester? Final graduation postponed another semester? No. thank. you. So, I mulled it over all week, and worked on it like crazy once I got home (before the second major snowstorm thankgoodness), and submitted it late last night. This morning, in my inbox, a very encouraging email about how great and how proud and how I can really pull it together in the final hour. He’s right. It *is* much better. This guy’s feedback really is top notch, and we’re going to work well together throughout this process, but it stresses me out nonetheless. So, I sent it to the rest of the committee, which means that besides grading, and an article I need to work on, and a conference proceeding that needs revised (significantly), and another "revise and resubmit" article, and documents to read from a job search committee I’m on, I had no worries for about a half a day today. It felt wonderful. I even watched a movie and baked pumpkin bread, which I’ve never made before and tweaked the recipe so we’ll see. It’s been nice. I only hope that I’ll be able to relax like this during Christmas break. Like, for the whole two weeks. That would be nice, and much needed. Especially before I launch into this whole dissertation business.

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