Day 06 – Your hobbies

Since I have been a student for so long, which takes up most of my energy, it is hard to remember what I was in to when I had time and energy to myself. Even when I am aimlessly clicking from one website to the next, work and school is still hanging over my head. There was a three year hiatus in there, where I was able to decompress from school a bit, and I began to experience a little bit of what life would be like if I didn’t have the burden of school. First, music. There was more music. There were concerts. There was listening to music, and enhancing emotions and life moments with music. There were library visits. There was yoga. Bikram yoga to be exact. There was coffee and pastries and Bikram yoga and 32 oz. Cokes from the Mavericks gas station on the corner. There was exercise. Lots of exercise. Tennis, bike riding, and yoga. There was shopping with the little extra money I had, reading and caring about fashion, beautification of the hair, face, nails, skin, and so forth. There was planning for travels abroad, studying languages to prepare, and reading up on culture. There was also reading books just for pleasure while sprawled out on my bed. There was writing to do afterwards. There was relaxing for a half hour in the sun. There was gardening and yard work. 


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