Monthly Archives: December 2010


The oral exam went well and I passed. They raked me over the coals about this one thing that was pretty much a misunderstanding that I was never given a chance to clarify. A little coal raking seemed compulsory though. There were several times when I was asked questions and then asked to answer them and then never given a chance to answer them because everyone else kept talking. It was weird, and sort of like I expected it to be, and the main thing is that I passed and it’s over and now I get to mull things over until the real work begins next year (January). 

shitting bricks

I’m leaving for my oral exams in about a 30 minutes. Less after I’m finished righting writing this. This is the second time today that I’ve written right instead of write, which is just to give you a hint at how scatterbrained I am today. Hopefully I’ll get it all out of my system before the actual exam. I can’t wait until it is over! I think I will do fine. I feel confident, but I know there will be some questions that make me squirm, and I’m not really looking forward to those moments. Maybe everyone will be in a charitable, happy, end of the semester, thankgoodnessit’salmostover kind of mood. One would hope. Ok, back to keeping down the sandwich I had for lunch. That lunch meat hasn’t been sitting well, but I needed something in my stomach. Right?