Day 11 – Your siblings

There’s only one and he’s always been as good to me as his capability would allow. Right now he’s "getting cured off the Wild Turkey."*
Growing up, he was always smarter and better looking than me, but in adulthood, I tend to hold it together a lot better than he does. Although he is sometimes a mess, he still appears to be smarter in some ways and…worse, possibly a better writer than me. He is also more naturally insightful about literature. He would do well in a Lit class. Though, I guess I’ve never been a Lit major. Not once. I love him. I’m jealous of him. We’ve been through a lot together–we have a shared history. I doubt we would be close if we weren’t related, but we are, and I love and miss him when we haven’t seen each other in too long. All told, I think we are about equal. On Christmas Eve, after everyone had gone to bed, and the lights were low, we watched the Yule Log (which was neither yule nor log) burn on OPB. 

*(National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation).


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