a drab retelling

Today I am being left alone to work. And I’ve already been quite productive. I might even sit down and read by the fire for awhile. That reading might even be unrelated to school. (Gasp!) It’s just that I’ve already got some good work today, which usually doesn’t happen until late into the evening. I might also go to the store. I think I’ll make lentil soup this afternoon. I don’t really need to go to the store for that, I guess. It’s very cold out, and I don’t want to go outside. I know I’ll feel better if I do. This afternoon I will, at the very least, pull on my boots and walk down to re-water the chickens. Their water keeps freezing over. If I make that soup, I’ll have scraps to feed them, which they would like. So, maybe I’ll do that. I might also walk the dog this afternoon. I know we would both enjoy that in the long run. Yesterday, when it was about 7 degrees, we went for a long walk (3-4 miles), R, S, and me. On that walk we discovered that the local Blockbuster is closing. It was the only place in town to rent movies, except for Redbox, which has it’s place but a very limited selection. I find this development to be startling. I don’t rent movies often. R does all the time. Like, he watches a movie almost every night. Still, if I needed a movie, it was nice to know that there was someplace I could go. During the walk wherein the closing of Blockbuster was discovered, my legs became very cold and started to sting. When I got home, I walked around my warm home for about an hour without any pants on, and it still took nearly an hour to warm them to the touch. My legs were covered in red, itchy welts. I think I’ve heard of cold-induced hives. Anyway, it’s all fine now. (That’s what he said.)


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