It has snowed several inches in the past hour. Unfortunately school isn’t closed (that I can tell), and I have to face the elements to teach yoga tonight. This time I’ll rely on R’s transportation and hopefully that will all go peacefully. I have this hunch that I’ll get dropped off at the rec center just in time for them to close due to inclement weather. The snow is falling in thick, heavy flakes. Occasional gusts of wind knock heavy chunks of snow from tree limbs on to the roof of the house. It snowed through the weekend. Rained through the night. This kind of snow is heavy. Watch the news for roofs to collapse. Hopefully not this one. Wish me luck!


1 thought on “snowpocalypse

  1. syllepsis

    I just had a nickel-sized hailstorm erupt while driving 75 mph that last ten miles into Bellingham. Hooray snow tires! The car in front of me nearly slid off the road. Snow tires or no, I drove the last ten miles at about 30 mph, considering I couldn’t even see the lane lines. I am tired of this winter. We haven’t had the craziness you’ve had, but it’s been the baddest winter I’ve seen here. The Worst Winter in Seven Years is what my headline would read.


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