Day 20 – Your morning routine

Ok, this one’s more benign. (Whew!) My mornings are nothing to be proud of. Generally,  I wake up on my own accord, get out of bed, put on wool socks, slippers, and a sweater (it’s usually quite cold). Then I pee. After that I go upstairs, fire up the computer, heat up the water for tea (decaf-can you believe it?!), and stoke/start a fire in the fireplace. I lose track of time with the tea and the internet for some time. Occasionally, this includes a breakfast item such as cereal. I go through phases in terms of breakfast foods. Tea and internet is a constant though. Eventually, I get up to shower, dress, make up, and then rush down to the bus stop to wait 10 minutes for the bus to arrive. This moment usually marks the end of my morning routine.


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