the universe knows what it wants and will stop at nothing

This is based on a conversation I had this weekend in Atlanta: The universe knows what it wants. It knows the best, most harmonious biological combinations, which is why what we sometimes call "love" can be so terrifying. Just like seeds find dirt and grass reaches for the sun, we are thoughtlessly hurtling toward each other at uncontrollable speeds. Trying to change or alter this trajectory is futile. The terrifying part is the lack of control we feel as we rush toward and slam into each other–the overwhelming sensation of connection (and I’m not just talking about sex, I’m talking about the connection on a cellular level and the urge to dwell within one another). In these instances, creation can be nearly unavoidable. In fact, we have to do everything in our power if we want to avoid it. Even though that collision is overwhelming and makes even the least sentient beings wake up and take notice, it does not necessarily mean that a conventional relationship must result. That means our baby daddies aren’t necessarily our partners, and our lovers aren’t necessarily our husbands. Our husbands aren’t necessarily our lifelong partners, and are lovers don’t necessarily need to be fleeting. The important thing, I think, is not to assign too much meaning to things that are meaningless and not to ascribe too much future planning to things that are impossible to plan for. After all, the universe knows what it wants, and if we don’t get in the way, it might be the best and most natural thing.


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