what I want to do

All of my wildest dreams came true when I taught a weekend class that I designed called "Sexual Liberation and Abstinence in Popular Culture" for a Gender Studies program. In addition to teaching creative writing, gender studies and feminism (et al) is my true passion in my work life. All of my education and hard worked came to fruition in being paid to teach a class that I love. They say that you’re supposed to find a job that doesn’t feel like work (which is such a first world ideal, by the way). Last weekend did not feel like work. I was good at it. I felt like I had a positive impact on students’ lives. It was exhausting, but I was the good kind of tired at the end. 

As a career, I have chosen to teach writing. I have pursued a degree in Rhetoric and Composition because it will allow me to teach writing at the college level. That is what I want to do. I want to also be able to teach creative writing and writing courses infused with Feminist or Marxist theory. I chose Rhet/Comp because, after about seven years in the field, it seemed that would be the most likely option for securing a job teaching writing in the region of the world that I want to live in. The compromise is that while I’ll likely get a job teach writing in someplace that is not North Carolina, I won’t get to talk about feminism 24/7. I think I’ve made the right choice. And along the way, hopefully I’ll get paid to teach more classes like I did last weekend.


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