I’m trying to buy a new bicycle. My main concern is that it fits me. The hand-me-down mountain bike I’ve been using for years is starting to get uncomfortable for my longer rides. So, the last few days have been spent bicycle shopping, which is exhausting and full of people who are way, way more serious about bicycling than I am. In fact, I don’t even like to test ride them because I don’t like people watching me wobble around and almost crash into things as I’m getting started.

Here are a few surprising discoveries n I’ve made along the way: I have some brand loyalty that I was not aware of. I have an emotional attachment to the mountain bike I’ve been riding for years, even though it does not fit me. I will pay a little extra so that my bike looks cool. Unfortunately, I will not pay that much extra.

I live very close to a paved bike trail. As the weather has improved, I have found myself wanting to start off the day with a bike ride, about 7 miles, then a break on a bench along the trail, then I return home and finish with a short but treacherous hill. Although I am not a savvy biker, this seems like a healthy habit that I should invest in. Much like the $142.50 I recently spent on yoga class. Like a boss.


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