The weekend was full of missed connections it seemed. Nothing really turned out as I imagined it would, but everything turned out just fine. Some of it was better than fine actually. There was some hysterical crying on my part. Actually, last week(end) had no shortage of tears (mine). But I also got my head straight by driving a lot (I think I saw a cougar near the freeway in central Oregon!) The weekend also involved an impromptu trip to Portland that ended up being really pleasant, with some parts that were mind-blowingly good.
Although I didn’t get nearly enough time with my mother, I did get an entire day with my adorable nephew. I stripped him down and let him play in the creek, which made me Favorite Auntie of the Year (also, I am his only auntie.) He wore me out.
The strange thing is that in a few days, I’ll be hitting the road again and I’m already getting word that everyone’s schedules seemed to have changed and nothing is as originally planned. That will make two weekends in a row. After next weekend, I promise I’ll catch up on “work.”


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