I’m having such a hard time getting any work done. It’s hard to focus. I think my problem is the job search. I’m feeling a little paralyzed by the process. I’m supposed to apply to a bunch of jobs, and see what happens. But. But! I’m regionally bound. I think. What would I be willing to do? Where would I be willing to go? Part of me just feels like putting my foot down and setting some boundaries with this pushy career path thing. Everyone says I don’t have that luxury.

3 thoughts on “werk

  1. syllepsis

    It’s not about luxury so much as priorities. Is the job more important, or is the lifestyle / location? The problem with graduate programs is that most people are looking at it in terms of vocation, in terms of Getting ANY Tenure-Track Job NOW. I think if you know you want to be in the NW, then hold to that. Take a “lesser” job until the right one opens up. What you will have over others who take any tenure-track position if you end up teaching in something “lesser” is that you may likely have more time to continue research / writing than they do. So that when the right position opens up where you want to be, you will be in an even better position. But what do I know? I just want you here. Inside me. Or at least close by.

    Call if you want to talk about this more. I can be helpful from different points of view, all while admitting the bias that I don’t want you to go far away.

      1. syllepsis

        I can tell you daily if you like. You know what you want, and what your values are. That is something I don’t think a lot of people can claim. I don’t think you’ll have any problem staying on whatever you deem the right path for yourself.

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