We lost a ewe today. One of my big life goals is to run a sheep farm someday. That might be in the next year. That might be in 20 years. Maybe it will be a sheep dairy! That said, one of the worries I have about raising livestock is that 1) animals die, and 2) sometimes you have to kill them to put them out of their misery. Since we lost a ewe today, it was on my mind. I began to research how to dispose of livestock. This is gory reading, let me tell you. Still, it seemed…manageable. Burial seems like the best option, but most livestock die during the winter, when the ground is frozen. Composting seems like the next best option. But, you would definitely have to be set up for it beforehand. And there’s the work of turning it and dealing with it for what? A year? Getting the animal to the burial or compost spot would be just horrifying work any way you look at it.
The take away is that if I’m going to have sheep, I should probably try to raise a small breed of sheep, one that I could handle physically if I had to. The sheep I’m used are on the big end, weighing nearly 300 pounds.
I wish there was an easier way. More than anything, I wish this wasn’t one of the things I’ll have to deal with.

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