stress dreams

I mentioned earlier that I am a planner. So not knowing what I’m going to be doing in the next few months is particularly challenging to me. Next week I have an on campus interview. Mostly, I feel comfortable and excited about it, but last night I had a series of stress dreams that indicate otherwise. In the dreams, I was too hungry, too hot, too cold, too bloated. I was sweating profusely, so much so that my white button up shirt became soaked. Then, the armpits of my blazer turned dark from sweat. Even the crotch, waist, and knees of my pants became wet with sweat. There was no way to dry off, and I walked around all day in wet clothes. Sometimes I had too much time to kill. Other times, I was running late, racing down the halls. There was a good deal of physical trembling on my part. In the dream, I needed yoga in the hotel, but didn’t have a mat. And, in real life I know I won’t have a mat because it won’t fit in my carry on luggage. So, yeah.


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