oral and my old, future-thinking self

I recently discovered a complete draft of a conference presentation that I thought I would have to write over the course of the next few weeks. I was not looking forward to it. Sure, it will still take some work, but the bulk of it is there. The idea is there. The reverse of this happened to me recently when I went to submit a draft for this other chapter-length thing. I totally thought I had a draft completed, but nope. I’m still struggling with that one. What did I propose? What did I say I was going to do? Hell if I know. Point is, the February 2012* version of myself had the foresight to put together a draft of the presentation for this conference in October, which makes me totally fall in love all over again with the me of February 2012.

Then, today I got home to a package on my doorstep. Was it my dissertation? No, I’m pretty sure that was shipped to Oregon. Was it a gift? Hmmm, I don’t see the word “Amazon” anywhere on it. Did I forget that I ordered something? Probably not. It turned out to be two “hot off the press” copies of the journal that published one of my books reviews. Sure, book reviews are not particularly prestigious, but it is something, and it will count toward my tenure because I am listed not as a graduate student, but as faculty at my university.

*Let me also note that during the winter and spring of 2012 I was revising my dissertation, preparing to present at a major conference, and preparing for my final oral exam (hey! there’s “oral” again, I guess it’s a theme!). So, yeah, it was one of the most challenging academic years I’ve ever had. Doing this work for me back then when I was really so busy is just going above and beyond.**

**Maybe I’ve been drinking tonight. YOU DON’T KNOW!


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