and yet…

I’ve had company. My mom was in town and we had a joyous time running around the city, buying things, not buying things, eating all of the things, and also basking in the sun. I call this “self care,” and it is something at which I excel.

I have a presentation at work, which is not a huge deal, but it is my first presentation at this new job, and being that presentations are not my strong suit, I am a little nervous. I just want it to be over and for it to have been a success (not like standing ovations or applause, but just successfully and articulately conveyed the idea and made connections, etc.).

Then, I travel to The South. Err, I mean, Kentucky is The South, right? Not the deep south by any means, but south, southern, just barely not north. That trip should be pretty low-key, and the main thing I’ll stress about is negotiating the hotel shuttle, and the busing to and fro, and the getting back to the airport on time. Since I’ll have some stress with that, I know I’ll spend a good portion of the time recovering by lying very still on my hotel bed. There is a chance that I’ll meet up with people and be social, but that will be hit or miss.

So, I’ve got all of these things to do, and I really should be taking time to myself to prepare emotionally for all of the things, and yet I’ve been surrounded by people and will be for the foreseeable future, which makes me both happy and a little tired.


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