first snowfall

Today is the first snow of the season, and it is absolutely gorgeous! Boo does not like the cold or the snow. I, on the other, hand love the snow, but only if I don’t have to drive in it. As I type this, I am fully aware that I might not be enjoying snow so much later in the year while I am commuting to work. The drive is not too bad, but the “point of the mountain” is slightly elevated, and I know there can be some extreme weather up there. I just hope that the train is up and running before winter really sets in. (And also that I have started a routine for actually using that train.)

first snowfall

Because it was snowy and there was nowhere to go, we decided to go for breakfast at Village Inn this morning, which is one of our favorite breakfast places. The food quality is nothing fancy, but the atmosphere, the prices, and the people are pretty great.  We both love breakfast food, and I can get good gluten-free options (eggs, hashbrowns, bacon AND link sausage!). We actually live near Finns, which is better and classier, but more expensive and teeming with hipsters. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! We fit right in! But, Village Inn with their affordable prices and unlimited supply of coffee is often more tempting.

Since this was the first snow of the season, I took the opportunity to take a few photos of the first snow fall with my new camera. They are lovely, but then again it’s not hard to be lovely in this weather. I’m still recovering from my cold, so I don’t really have anywhere to go or anything to do but watch it snow from my cozy little apartment.

first snowfall, part two

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