My boo is finally here! (And I am sick.) I was so excited in the weeks leading up to his arrival! I imagined all of the things we would do. The food. The runs in the park. The hot yoga. (Yeah, that’s how I party.) All of those dreams have been put on hold while I convalesce. I had about three days of sinus stuff and that has successfully migrated to my lungs, where it has stubbornly set up camp for the past four days. I keep thinking it should take about ten days to get over a cold, right? Which means it’s almost over. But, today a guy at work said that recently he was sick with a cold for three weeks. THREE WEEKS! I so don’t have the energy for that. Here’s hoping for one of those run of the mill ten-day colds, so that I can get back to loving life, and loving my boo, and running in the park, and doing hot yoga.


One thought on “convalescing

  1. Evelyn

    Well crap! Didn’t realize you had a “boo”….is this the same one as earlier? 🙂 Imagine you’ll work out those “relationship thingys”!


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