irony: lolz, am I right?

I tried to read this article a day or two ago. I couldn’t get into it. When enough people reposted it on Facebook, I thought I should give it a closer look. I finally had the chance to read the whole thing this afternoon, and it really resonated with me. I am a part of the hipster culture (not in a douchebaggy kind of way I hope!). It’s just that it has invaded fashion and popular culture so much that it would be difficult to avoid it’s grip. Like most of my peers, my sense of humor and conversation is deeply influenced by hipster culture (nerdiness, obscure references, et al). At first glance, you probably would not think of me as a hipster, and I am certainly not an extreme version. Nevertheless, t I can see it’s influence in very intimate aspects of my life.

Leif Parsons

This article helps draw light on the impact that the hipster (or irony) culture has on our lives. Art does not succumb easily to popular trends. When I think of my “creative writing,” I don’t think that it overtly follows a hipster sensibility, but I can see an influence in that contemporary writing in it’s…quirkiness.

The article made me think of this blog. As of right now, I don’t share it with people I know in real life, and I think that it’s notably lack of irony is one of the reasons I like to keep it private. For the most part, I share my thoughts, concerns, reflections–real life stuff that is not ironic. Sometimes I am funny, but mostly I’m just honestly working through my ideas here and that sometimes makes me feel more vulnerable that I like to be with the people whom I know. Complete strangers? Somehow that’s much better.


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