alone but not lonely

I finally have a night to myself! To celebrate, I’ve spent it stress eating, watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Hulu (though I’m not discerning–I watch them all), and later, finally, grading some end-of-semester portfolios (womp womp). When I found out that my boo was going to be away for a few days–he’s visiting his new niece (a redhead!)–I realized I would have an evening alone for the first time since…last weekend. I guess that wasn’t so long ago, but for a person who thrives on alone time, I keep thinking I’ll need more. Of course, wasting a bunch of time online and eating all the leftover pad thai and giant bowl of popcorn (with real butter!) gets old quickly.

When I got home from work, I promptly searched the house for some sort of “I love you” note, but found nothing. Hours later, I finally found the note, and now I miss him so bad and wonder why I ever have the stupid idea that I would ever enjoy an evening to myself! Okay, well, I’ll still take a mani/pedi, Vogue, and Real Housewives night occasionally, but I’ll miss him while he’s away.


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