the challenge continues

Today was day thirteen of the Bikram challenge. Yesterday and today were the hardest days I’ve had in Bikram since the challenge began. Yesterday was fine, but my energy was noticeably low. A girl nearby was doing her second class of the day, and she spent a lot of time laying her mat looking fairly miserable. Sometimes that can zap the energy out of a room, and maybe that was my problem.

Tonight, I think it was my turn to feel miserable. About halfway through class, my blood sugar plummeted. As I recalled the days’s diet, it’s really no wonder I was having trouble. I ate an orange, a post-season candy cane, some chocolate, and some cranberry juice–all very sugary–in the hours leading up to class. As someone who is prone to low blood sugar, I have to be careful about balancing my sugar intake with a lot of fiber and some protein. I did not do a good job of that today. Normally, I can muscle through any Bikram class, though it sometimes means that I take some shortcuts (sshhh!). However, when my blood sugar is low, I start to worry about passing out. This was a bigger fear when I didn’t have insurance. After all, a few sips of juice could be the difference between finishing a class and a costly trip to the ER in an ambulance. I didn’t have any food at the studio, and today was the first time since the challenge began that Z didn’t attend class with me (he did his class earlier in the morning), so I didn’t have someone to literally catch me if I fainted.

It only hit me about halfway through class, so I ended up doing all of the spine strengthening series at about 50% and then sat out about half of the rest of the poses until class was over. Thankfully, I had enough energy to finish class, change, drive home, where I then gorged myself on tortilla chips, popcorn, pomegranate juice, more chocolate, cheese, and two pomegranates over the course of a few hours. It was not the dinner of champions. The good news is that my blood sugar is back to normal, but now I’m feeling a bit woozy from the junkie food. I should add that, normally, I can manage my blood sugar with proper diet. It hasn’t given me serious trouble since I was in my early twenties and was still figuring out the best diet for my body. So, this little blood sugar bought tonight caught me off guard. Since I’ve had two classes in a row where I’ve felt weak, I’m thinking I’m about due for a good, strong practice tomorrow.


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