a beautiful sunrise

Since I am not a morning person, a beautiful sunrise is rare and appreciated sight. I prefer to sleep late and work late into the evening. As a student, I really hit my stride with studying in the evenings and just kept going. I was never, ever the person who woke up early to study before a test. Instead, I stayed up until I was satisfied with the paper I was writing or the exam I was preparing for.

This winter my schedule has required me to wake up early. As a result, I’m also getting to bed really early. I won’t go so far as to say that I’ve become a morning person because I know I’ll revert back to my old ways just as soon as I am able, but I will say that I’m finally at a place where I wake feeling rested.


another lovely sunrise in SLC, UT

Lately, the sun is even starting to rise before I have to leave the house, and that is a wonderful feeling. It’s also a reminder that days are getting longer and spring is on the way! When the smog is not terrible and the winter storms have subsided, I’ve seen some beautiful sunrises. This morning was gorgeous. The sky was bright, bright pink and, for a change, I woke feeling well rested.


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