the 31st day

Today was the 31st day of practice, and it was one of the most inspiring classes I’ve had since I began the 30 Day Challenge. I thought the 30th day would be the best. It was the last day of the challenge, and I even did a double to celebrate! Surprisingly, the 31st day was the day that felt most meaningful. I think it was because today was the day that I didn’t have to practice if I didn’t want to. I could have stayed home and relaxed. I could have gone out to dinner. Our 30-day challenge of not eating out is complete too! (More on that later.) Instead, I actually wanted to go to yoga!

I remember the day after the Regional Asana Championship. I saw several of the competitors attending class the next day. I remember thinking, if anybody deserves a day off, it’s you! These people had just competed and worked really hard, and yet they were there the next day. Still practicing. Still consistent.

On the 31st day, Z and I attended the 6:15 pm class with Roxanne, and I endured her infamous two-minute camel pose (ustrasana). It was a simple class. I worked hard, but I’ve worked harder. I didn’t sweat very much, which was odd. As a result, I felt a bit overheated.

I have considered the possibility of turning the 30 Day Bikram Challenge into a 60 Day Challenge. But, I know I’m going to have some really long days at work during the next two weeks, and I doubt that it will be possible to attend. I’ll literally leave for work before the first class of the day is over, and I’ll return home after the last class has begun. I would have to do doubles to make up for the days I missed, and I’m not sure I’m up for that. There is no doubt that this practice has me feeling amazing, and I think I’ll mourn the first day that I have to miss a class, but I’m not yet in a place where I’m sure I can commit to 30 more days. That’s a lot!

In the 30 Day Challenge, you can miss up to two classes, but you have to “make them up” my doing two doubles (attending class two times in one day). The 30 Day Challenge is official through the studio, and as I understand it, the next 30 and the 30 after that are unofficial, meaning you keep track of your progress on your own. Since we can make up two days by doing up to two doubles during the 30 Day Challenge, logic would follow that one could miss up to four days and do four doubles to make them up in a 60 Day Challenge. So, I’m not sure if now is really the time to attempt 30 more days of the challenge, but I’m going to continue to take classes on a daily basis if possible and see how long it will last.


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