I recently completed my 45th day of Bikram yoga in a row and I think I’ve hit a plateau. I do not mean that I have reached my peak performance in Bikram. No, not at all. That is probably decades away. I’m talking about my weight.

I’m one of those rare women who has always been satisfied with her body. In a world of endless augmentation and reduction, a woman with a healthy body image is hard to find. I’m not exactly sure why, but I like my body. When I get fat, I like the way it looks in the mirror. When I am very thin, I like the way that looks too. When I am somewhere in between–which is most often the case–I’m also satisfied.

In the first month of daily Bikram, I lost a few pounds, but mostly I could see and feel my body gaining muscle tone. Recently, I’ve noticed that I’m not changing that much physically. I think I’m at a good weight. I’m still working really hard at yoga. But, I suspect that I might need to pay closer attention to my diet if I want to see more changes. I’m fairly happy with my diet right now, but there are things I could change (I could always eat more raw veggies and less squares of chocolate). I’m just not sure I want to give the time and energy that more attention to my diet would require. Calorie counting is incredibly effective for me, but it is also time consuming. And that’s okay because, like I said, I am somewhat uncommon in that I am a woman who is actually satisfied with her current weight.


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