the 50-day mark

Yesterday was my 50th day of Bikram yoga in a row. There is no doubt that I have benefited from this rigorous schedule. I’m shooting to complete 60 days in a row. I still have to make up one class. In a few weeks, I’ll leave town for work, and I have to admit that I’ll be glad for the break from yoga. I want to move more into to going about 6 times per week without feeling guilty about not going on that 7th day. I think several days away from the practice will help me move in to something more manageable without feeling guilty about it. Guilt was not the point of any of this.

In better news, I am successfully switching my grip in standing head-to-knee, which is something I thought I was a long way away from doing. My practice is improving. I’ve stayed healthy. It’s all good.


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