A couple of things happen when you’re in your thirties. First, seed magazines magically start appearing in the mail. I’ve been drooling over the latest Burgess Seed & Plant Co. catalog, but have no idea how to garden in Utah. It gets so hot in the summer, and I haven’t seen a ton of thriving gardens here. Maybe things like eggplant do well here. I don’t know.

The second thing that happens is a (re)new(ed) interest in birds. I’ve always enjoyed birds. When I was younger, I remember frequently looking through a comprehensive book of North American birds that my great grandparents gave to my dad as a gift. More recently, I’ve found myself stocking my own bird feeder and tiptoeing to a window to see what kind of bird I’m hearing.

flickr image by contemplicity

Last weekend, I watched Birders: The Central Part Effect. Starr Sapphire was portrayed in the film as a passionate birder. She died recently, which is how I found out about the film. Birds are nice, and yes, I have a renewed interest in them. What I enjoyed most about the film was watching people being passionate about something. I think that kind of intense, single-minded focus is rare, and it’s so compelling.


2 thoughts on “birders

  1. Evelyn

    I developed a love for bird-watching as a child, I guess. My maternal grandmother did it and so did my mother. It’s so exciting to see a bird I’ve never seen before….as I did at Joseph Canyon Overlook last year (highway 3 north of Enterprise) when a Red Crossbill sat long enough for me to photograph it. Imagine my surprise to see two of the birds appear this winter at my feeder! Bigger shock—a small hawk flew in and snatched one as I was watching.


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