three things related to spring

1) It was sunny and warm here Friday and Saturday (in the 40s, maybe reaching the 50s at points). I took a walk each day, and the sun is showing on my face just barely. I had a lot of writing to do this weekend, so the breaks in the sun felt amazing. I’m attending a conference in Vegas soon, and I am so, so, so hoping that the weather will be warm and sunny. At this rate I could severely burn myself by the pool. It’s been solid winter here for months and months, and my skin is chalk white (but feeling and looking very healthy!). It’s anyone’s guess though; the weather could be rainy in Vegas in March, or it could also be the warm and sunny southwest that I love.

2) There is more evidence that birds have found my feeder (after two months of very little activity). This morning there were cracked sunflower seed shells and rustling sounds out there. I never actually caught it in action, and so I don’t know what kind of bird found it. Hopefully I’ll  be able to see it very soon. Since it is now March (how did that happen?!), new birds will be traveling through this spring, and maybe they’ll be more interested in the seeds than the winter birds were.

3) Yesterday I bought two Topsy Turvy tomato planters and one for strawberries. I’m excited to try these upside down tomatoes though. I really love where I live, but there is absolutely no place for gardening. I can usually be happy with just a small flowerbed. I just need something to tend. My rental has new sod and really no place to grow anything, which is really not a great match for me.

flickr image by techfun



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