60-day double

Yesterday was my 60th day of Bikram yoga in a row, and so celebrate, I took a double, which is two classes back-to-back. I also missed one class a few weeks ago, and so the double worked both to make up the class I missed and to celebrate. My reflections are this: the rigorous daily practice has helped keep me happy through the winter months, the sweat provides a cleanse that gives my kidneys a break (sometimes I even smell ammonia emitting from my skin!), and I have a sense of warmth and friendship from the people who I see there on a regular basis. It definitely helps build my sense of community. It’s been a great experience, and it has made a daily practice seem normal. I honestly don’t know how people get through the day-to-day without yoga. I think because I have some asymmetries to my posture, I’m actually pretty stiff and achy if I don’t work it out on a regular basis. Maybe most people don’t have that?

That was yesterday. Today, I took today off. I didn’t intend to, but at the last minute, Z and I decided to spend some time together, eat pizza, and watch the first season of Enlightenment. I’ll be leaving soon for a conference in Vegas, and so I won’t be able to practice daily. I won’t be able to turn 60 days into 90 days in a row, and honestly, that’s kind of a relief. I’m looking forward to a more normalized practice, where I go everyday, but I won’t feel guilty if I need to (or choose to) take a day off here or there. Bikram is incredibly time consuming, and there are a few other things I would like to spend more time doing in my spare time, like reading and learning to knit new things. This has been a great experience. I feel amazing. And, now it’s over and that’s okay. ~ Namaste.

flickr image by kaiyanwong223


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