when it rains, it pours

I need some down time. Lately, everything has been coming together. These are things that I’ve slowly worked to develop since moving to Utah, and, as my mom would say, when it rains, it pours. For several years (after attending teacher traininng on pre/postnatal yoga), I began to think I wanted to be a doula. This spring was the right time, and I was in the right place. So, I took a few very intense days to train to be a doula was Kristi Ridd-Young, whose life’s work has been teaching and providing support for women in Utah and beyond. The training was incredible, but exhausting. It was actually a lot like a yoga teacher training in that way.

Now that the training is over, I can practice as a doula. I do not expect that I will do this work very often. In fact, to work with my schedule, I might volunteer at the university hospital. They have a volunteer program in place. It would help me gain the experience that I need, and it would be a way to do with the work that does not interfere with my normal day job.

After 60 days in a row, I’ve also had the real sense that I’m ready to practice some other forms of yoga. I’ve also felt like I need to teach again–like this is an important part of myself that I need to feed. I recently received an invitation to be on the sub list at a local yoga studio (on of the best in SLC). So, today I attended a power yoga class at this studio to try things out. It felt really amazing. I’m not sure the subbing thing will work out, but the process has inspired me to start seeking out work as a yoga instructor.

Needless to say, I’m a little bit tired from all of that. I’m attending a conference (and participating in various ways), and instead of feeling rested and ready for that work, I’m feeling a bit weary. I’m sure the time change today hasn’t helped. At least I know that this downpour will slow eventually, and hopefully I’ll look back and realize that this was a good time that was full of opportunity.


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