There is a beautiful tree in bloom down the street. It must be grafted because most of the blooms are white, but about a third of them are pink. It’s so beautiful. Hopefully I can get a picture of it before the blooms are gone. Today, though, it’s a bit rainy. Not great for pollination  but that’s spring and these things manage to survive somehow.

I had a long week of work last week. When I finally got home on Friday, I immediately took some photos of the tulips that are in bloom outside my front door. I’m glad I did too because the sun was shining that the rest of the weekend is starting to look pretty rainy.

Here are some photos of the flowers.



I also took some time to marvel at the birds at the bird feeder. I put the feeder out several months ago, and no bird seemed to be interested in it. All that has changed now. First, a pretty little cow bird found the feeder and ate sparingly. Now, that’s all changed. The birds now have orange-ish breasts and eat very aggressively. I think they’re house finches. (There are seed shells all over my porch!) But, they’re beautiful and I love hearing them squabble outside my front door.

Here is a photos of the house finch:


house finch at feeder


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