the right path

Things are taking off with the doula work in ways that are somewhat terrifying and also let me know that I am on the right path. My mom always says that when you’re on the right path, it feels right. Everyday is not a struggle. Of course, there are challenges to face, trials to overcome, but there is a sense, on a larger scale, that you’re doing the right thing. And, I definitely have that sense with the doula work.

I’ve really had to work at many of the good things in my life. For example, I’ve had publications rejected. I take it in stride now. I’ve been rejected by several graduate programs (and yet I was accepted at a few too, and recently finished up my PhD as a result). I hear stories where schools, jobs, publications, etc. seem to just fall into the laps of smart and wonderful people, but that’s not my story. For me, there’s been plenty of rejection along the way.

I also have a sense that I actively chose my path, my line of work, etc. instead of having it happen to me. It’s a good feeling, and it means that I really like what I do for a living. But, what does this mean?  It means that the ease at which the doula work has emerged makes me take notice. The work is still very new, but I’ve had an inkling, for several years that I might be good at this doula thing. The ease at which this work is opening itself to me makes me think I might be more on the right path with this than with anything else I’ve ever done.

To be fair, doula work *is* easier than getting a PhD, and so maybe that’s partly why it feels…effortless. Still, there is an attentiveness and a very specific kind of emotional intelligence that is required. Teaching yoga has definitely helped prepare me for this work, but I also seem to have it naturally in a way that I don’t in my other work.

At the doula training, we were warned not to buy our certification packet until we have our first client, since the packet expires after two years. But, because things are taking off for me, I really don’t think it will be a problem to certify within the two-year time frame. Of course, I’m still working on a volunteer basis, which I will continue to do. Once I start charging, that will all change. For now, I’m very happy with the progress that I’m making with the doula stuff. I also have a strong sense that I’ll start teaching yoga again soon, but I’ll save that for another post…


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