almost already

I’ve been a little stir crazy for the last week or so. I think it’s just the remnants of the (mild) depression I have had this summer, which you can read about here. The blues are lifting, but there is still an errant feeling or two, which I register as “cabin fever” or “stir crazy.” Really, though, it feels good to have the funk lifting.

The boyfriend doesn’t think I really depression because I’m still functional, exercising, making jokes, and laughing at them, et al. I tend to agree. This summer I’ve felt in control, but just dogged by a nagging sinking feeling that I have to talk/back myself out of.

School starts in a week, and I’m ready and excited. I still have a lot of prep work to do, and that will happen mostly next week. I’m teaching a new prep, and I’ve been warned that that learning curve for teaching it is rather steep. I’m hoping to use this hybrid course and parlay it into a conference talk on online teaching. The idea has been banging around in my head for the last year or so, and I think this class will work as a catalyst for some scholarship. So, that’s always a good thing.

I’ve got more driving to do before school starts. I have more family obligations–things that will take work and will be hard to do, but that I absolutely want to do. So basically, I’ve been waiting, and it’s almost already time.


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