moving on

This summer has been hectic. I put way too many miles on my car driving back and forth from Utah to Oregon, plus a few other trips. And that’s not all! I still have more traveling to do in the coming weeks, which I’m excited for, but wow, it’s a lot for this homebody.

It’s been a hard summer, and I think you’ve had the sense of that if you’ve been reading this blog. I hate to complain because, big picture, things are *fine*, but still, yikes! I’m glad it’s over and hope that the routine of the semester will help normalize everything. Summers are usually a time for me to relax and recover from the school year with family, and then work on scholarship at my own pace. I usually really like being home with family during this time. I like working on my own schedule. However, this year it was all too much.

I know I’ve been vague about why my life is stressful, etc. But, it’s family stuff, and it’s not my story to tell publicly at this time. And besides, things are going to be fine, they’re just different and that adjustment has been difficult.

In the meantime, I’ve been totally neglecting my boyfriend. He’s great. He’s doing his own thing. Last year was a really happy year for us. I remember having a spring in my step every morning as I trotted off to work. Truthfully, I haven’t been as happy lately, and I want to get back to that place of ridiculous happy because that’s my default.

life is beautiful

Life is beautiful.

School started this week. I needed to spend last week in Oregon, so I’m feeling a little weary as this semester begins–not a great way to feel at the beginning of a school year. I’ve got a new course prep, and I was warned that it would be difficult. As I’ve worked through the course materials to prepare, I think that’s a correct assessment. Hard as it may be, I think it will be a welcome break from summer.


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