5 Reasons Not to Get a Dog


I’ve thought off and on about getting a dog for several years now. Years ago, at the SLC Farmer’s Market, I came across a booth for retired greyhound adoption. There was a pen set up, with long, strange looking animals lounging on the sun-dappled grass. I stood and stared at them, drawn to their peaceful energy.

image from Jason Short 2008

At the time, I lived downtown, had big life changes ahead, and adopting a dog was not an option. Over the years, I have thought that I would like to get a dog. That’s usually followed by a period of gratitude that I don’t have a dog.

Here are 5 Reasons I Don’t Want to Get a Dog (spoiler: I might still get a dog anyway):

  1. Mornings. I am slow to wake up. The thought of waking up early to stand or walk in the cold morning air so that a dog can pee is not my idea of as good time. In fact, it sounds like a terrible way to start the day.
  2. Allergies. I am allergic to cats, but not dogs. But, I also haven’t lived in close quarters with a dog, so I haven’t really been able to test a possible allergy to dogs in years. The other weekend a chihuahua climbed all over me, desperate for attention. Sure enough, I left with the sniffles. I’m probably more allergic to some dogs than others, and I wish there was a way to test it out before committing.
  3. Travel. I like to travel. Beyond small trips that could accommodate a dog, I like to do a major trip a few times per decade. I don’t even know how that would work, but I think it would mean securing very costly pet sitting situation.
  4. Children. If I get a dog, I might never have children. I can’t quite explain this thinking–just that I suspect it could be true for me. And, whether or not to reproduce is not a decision I’m ready to make right now.
  5. Landlord. I am a renter, and I don’t have a fenced yard. That will mean daily walks and attention to regular potty breaks. Originally, my landlord told me that getting a dog would be okay, with a $300-$600 refundable pet deposit. Later, after I resigned the lease (grrrr), they said it would be a $600 refundable pet deposit plus an additional monthly fee tacked on to my rent. That might still be negotiable. Also, other pet friendly rentals are usually totally gross, so I don’t feel like I have a lot of options.

(Coming soon: 5 Reasons to Get a Dog.)


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