a little setback

As you know from this post, I have been considering adopting a greyhound for awhile now. Awhile ago, I contacted a local retired racing greyhound adoption program, and they were willing to consider me for adoption. I had a phone conversation. Got an application in the mail. Painstakingly filled it out. Researched greyhounds online. Had an official phone interview that went well. Then, another week or so later, I had a face-to-face interview with the head of the adoption program.

Here’s the problem, I had an allergic reaction while I was at  the interview. The house was clean, but it was home to two greyhounds, four other dogs, and birds. I am not allergic to dogs, at least not in the way I am allergic to cats, but I haven’t lived with a dog in years. I have noticed mild sensitivity to some dogs, but hoped I could avoid that by keeping the dog and my house clean.

I was there for almost two hours. One of the greyhounds licked and leaned and rubbed against me, which I allowed because I wanted to see if I would react. And I did. In the car ride home, I had dog hair all over my jeans, and I continued to sneeze and react. I was pretty disappointed.

The next day, I lost some valuable time to Petfinder, but I realized that I don’t want any dog. I want a greyhound. If I can’t have a greyhound, then I have to rethink my next step. There are some dog breeds that are very low allergy, and I think I would be fine living with them (I lived with a shih tzu once with no problems). Greyhounds are considered low allergy because they have short hair, no undercoat, and (most) of them don’t shed very much. So, I was hopeful.

The next step is to spend a few hours with just one greyhound. Since the woman had other breeds of dogs and birds in the home, I couldn’t get an accurate assessment of my reaction to the greyhound. So, though I am discouraged, I want to spend some time in a small space with a clean greyhound and see how I do. One major drawback is that every dog is different, and I’ll react differently depending on the dog. I wish I could test it out before adopting, but the process doesn’t work that way. Once you agree to adopt, they ship in a dog sight unseen. I do not want to live on allergy medication, so if I have a reaction to this dog, I might have to rethink the whole dog ownership thing for now.


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