esquiar, o no?

I just like the way that sounds. A few years ago, I received a Mountain Hardware coat as a gift, and it was a generous gift! That coat is so, so warm. I never knew coats could actually be that warm. Today I bought a new pair of gloves to go with that coat. To go skiing, to be exact. I hope I don’t regret not getting the ones that cost a millions dollars, but the ones I did get were lined in feather down, of which I am a huge fan. I have high hopes that they’ll keep me warm.

image by nonanet

Today, two local ski resorts opened, and I purchased my skiing for the winter. I’m excited! I’m not much of a daredevil, but I do enjoy getting out of the city, especially during the winter inversions. I also live in Utah, so skiing is pretty much ubiquitous. That’s all. Just checking in to say this: ¡voy a esquiar este invierno!


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