childbirth classes

I’m doing this very strange thing, which is attending seven-week long childbirth class. It’s strange because I am the only person in attendance who is not with a partner, and I am the only person there who is not pregnant. Most days, I try to bite my tongue and knit quietly in the back row (I’ve made good headway on this thing I’ve been knitting!). I was pretty quiet on the first day, but after that, I’ve shared my opinion once or twice during every class. I can’t help myself!

The teacher is really great, and providing a pretty neutral experience for the participants, which is no easy feat. It is very difficult to achieve neutrality when it comes to talking about childbirth. Everyone has an opinion, and there truly is no one right answer that applies to everyone. That said, the people in attendance are anxious, excited, funny, and thoughtful people. It makes me happy to know that these people who are having babies.

I’m attending the class as part of my training to become a certified doula through DONA International, and I’m really glad that I’m taking the class. This allows me to have a better idea of what patients already know about the hospital when I’m called in as a volunteer. It also gives me more information about what the childbirth classes are all about.


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