holiday report

The holidays were actually not bad. Sure, there were moments of stress and weirdness. But, mostly, they were good. I focused most of my energy on spending quality time with my nephew and that meant not really visiting other friends or family. Instead, my nephew and I snuggled, read books, colored together, went sledding, built a snowman, went sledding again, frosted sugar cookies, and basically had all of the compulsory Christmas vacation experiences. I was hoping to take my nephew on his first ski trip this year, but I got sick (again), and then Z got sick (again), and I lost one of my warm mittens for skiing, and we worried that the drive was too far, and so that basically just didn’t happen this year.

The view while enjoying a walk with my mom and her dog.

But, it was nice overall. In addition to trying to hug and kiss my nephew as much as possible, other highlights included baking in the kitchen with my mom, sitting around in the early morning and talking with her, and going for a long, brisk, incredibly clear morning walk on Christmas. Also, helping Dad feed cows and having a nice, long talk with him by the stove. And, going out to dinner with my brother. I also enjoyed spending time with my aunt and cousin and talking about the big things.

Now, I’m back in my own home, wandering around, putting away this Christmas gift and that. Missing my mom. Missing my nephew. Missing them all, and just generally thinking about the direction of my life.


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