5 Reasons to Get a Dog

(This is the follow up to 5 Reasons Not to Get a Dog posted last October.)

A few months ago, I found a greyhound adoption group, filled out an application, and met for a face-to-face interview. All went well, and I was approved for an adoption. There were just two problems. First, I had an allergic reaction while I was around the dogs. Now, this house had six dogs made up of four different breeds and birds. So, it’s hard to tell what caused the allergy, but it was enough to worry me. Second, I had to strike a deal with my landlord regarding a fair pet deposit, terms, etc. The very kind woman at the adoption agency encouraged me to figure things out with my landlord and wait until the hubbub of the holidays was over…and that’s now. So, I thought this was a good time to follow up my last dog post with a more encouraging “5 Reasons to Get a Dog.”

Here goes:

1) Entertainment. They’re amusing. I’m not a fan of every dog or every breed of dog that I meet. (I try to judge a dog based on the individual and not the breed.) However, there are traits linked to certain breeds that I absolutely adore. For example, I find the shy, mortified look of many sight hounds to be amusing. I feel like I can totally relate. I also absolutely love the peaceful energy of a big, retired racing greyhound. There’s nothing like it.

2) Exercise. They help you exercise. I run several times a week, and I like to go for walks. But, I want to have the kind of life where I take a meditative walk to turn off, tune out, and unwind every single day. A dog forces that behavior.

3) Socialize. They help you meet new friends and socialize with existing friends. My last boyfriend had a dog. Each day, the dog required one long walk and a romp in the dog park. Yes, this took up a significant amount of time, but there were also dog-loving people at the dog park and new friendships were forged. It was lovely. Also, people who already have dogs have an excuse to get together to let the dogs run.

4) Adventure. They take you on adventure. Of course there’s the walk and the dog park, but occasionally you and your dog need something more. Enter: hiking adventure. I love to hike. I would like to do it more and something tells me the guilt I will feel as I stare into my dog’s disappointed gaze is enough to get me out the door and up the canyon.

5) Friend. They’re [wo]man’s best friend. They’re good company. I spend a lot of time working and writing at my computer. I love old-timey pictures of writers and their pets. It seems like all successful writers have a cat or dog. It makes sense for the lifestyle, really. A dog would help break the monotony–a reminder to get up, take a break, and take a walk around the block.


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