Lately, I’ve been plagued with fatigue. I am exercising and working, but I am not doing anything extra. Seasonal allergies and fighting off a sinus infection(?) haven’t helped. Besides the physiological, I am also tired by stress and by the breakup and the stress of being online. Scholarship that was exciting a month ago, now feels like an insurmountable task. I am not worried. I’m still within normal, but it is interesting to see how much by body is reacting physically to the noise and change that’s going on all around me.

A few years ago, I finally embraced that I am a “delicate flower,” which means that I am super sensitive to emotions and change, and I take on other people’s energy when I am around them so much that I can literally feel myself buzzing with it for hours after I am alone again. It takes time to recover. Since tuning in to my body and making that realization, I’ve been even more careful and guarded about how I spend time and who I spend it with. Though I have been much more withdrawn because of it, I am happier for listening to and taking care of myself.


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