on the verge

Everything’s changing. Any day now. It could be tomorrow. It could be next week. The semester will be over. My closest person in the world will be on the road, which is both wonderful and heartwrenching, and I have the sense that I’m standing on the end of a precipice–ready to jump (in a good way).

The past few months have been difficult. I’ve battled a nagging fear, a nagging sorrow. But I also know myself and knew things would change. I would feel better eventually. In part, that time has come. The summer break provides a well-timed reprieve. As I’ve started to imagine that break, I imagine travel, spending time with my family, music, writing, and, perhaps most surprisingly, ideas for visual art.

I have a renewed sense of hope and purpose. Things seem different. They feel different. And, I’m excited about this next new era. I think it will be about the art I had a difficult time making in the last few years, and that’s something to get excited about.

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