Sherewin Farms

Sherewin Farms enjoys farm life with shetland sheep, icelandic sheep, beef cattle, and chickens. Fine raw shetland fleece and raw icelandic fleece is available by mail or local pickup. Limited quantities of lamb and beef are also available seasonally. Please contact for more info, and follow along on Instagram.

Meet the Flock

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“Melody” aka NASSA registry SGF Melody 2020

Melody probably has the best fleece I’ve ever seen, and I am thrilled to have her as part of the flock. She has impossibly long staple length (up to 12″); it’s soft and clean. This is also one of the blackest fleeces I’ve ever seen and tips are even less faded than what appears in this photo.

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“Lavender” aka NASSA registry SPG Lavender 2019

Lavender obviously has an adorable face and a fine white fleece.

“Frida” and “Freya” (to the right) 2017, polled icelandic ewes.

Frida and Freya are twin icelandic ewes. Both have mouflan fleeces, black at the base and faded to brown on the tips. (The ends seem a bit darker than they appear in this photo.)

“Duncan” 2021, registered icelandic

Here’s a picture of Duncan when I first met him at just a few months of age. I almost chose a black ram lamb, but this little scurred triplet won me over. He’s quite striking in real life. His dad is a beautiful and rare gray katmoget with kind eyes. Duncan is a sweetheart too and has those same eyes. His mother is polled, as are my ewes, in an effort to grow my polled flock.