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Last week the best news arrived in the form of an email in my inbox, indicating that my boo was making his way back to these parts.   …Er. You know what I mean *wink*. Basically this is the best news ever. It means I get to be with my love again. It means I don’t have to look through the window at snow falling without having him hug me. It means I don’t have to get into a cold bed. It means I get to laugh and laugh and laugh and then stop laughing and talk about serious things and argue and hate that there is anything we don’t agree on perfectly. Then there is more laughing and the energetic zing from our arms touching. I’m an introvert and love to be alone, and he’s really the only person I can stand to have around for any length of time.

“Is she just horny?” you’re asking yourself right now, and I’ll let you answer that in your own mind.

The days are crawling by even though I’m busy. I’m busy trying to get all of my work done before he gets here. I have grading and cleaning to do and articles to write. I’m busy doing all of the things that don’t do a very good job of distracting me from the fact that very soon I get to see my boo! My sweet delicious funny smart beautiful talented boo.