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This year my garden is planted with
emerald blue rock cress
creeping phlox
mules hybrid doctor
early sunrise tickseed
coreopsis grandiflora
lemon yellow sun soft pink coleus
orange symphony potentilla
horned violet rose mum
black-eyed susan rudbeckia
purple dragon viola
portulaca sundial
moonshine x
butterfly daisies
snow on the mountain or bishop’s weed
lupine columbine yarrow
american halo
and hope.








killing frost and the hosta

In the next day or two, we’re supposed to get our first killing frost. I spent some time this weekend winterizing–cleaning and putting away the patio furniture, bringing plants indoors, and refilling the bird feeder with fresh sunflower seeds. I also swept leaves and worried over my new flower beds and new hosta.


least flattering photo of the hosta

This summer, I planted Shasta Daisies, which may very well take over the entire flowerbed, Delphinium, Black-eyed Susans, and Coreopsis. They are all fairly hardy, and should do well in the flowerbed, even though the soil is poor and the light is not optimal. I also planted a hosta, which I documented here. As you can see from the photo above, the hosta looks really bad. I’m afraid the conditions are just too harsh. So, I covered it with leaves and hoped for the best. We’ll see what happens in the spring.