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killing frost and the hosta

In the next day or two, we’re supposed to get our first killing frost. I spent some time this weekend winterizing–cleaning and putting away the patio furniture, bringing plants indoors, and refilling the bird feeder with fresh sunflower seeds. I also swept leaves and worried over my new flower beds and new hosta.


least flattering photo of the hosta

This summer, I planted Shasta Daisies, which may very well take over the entire flowerbed, Delphinium, Black-eyed Susans, and Coreopsis. They are all fairly hardy, and should do well in the flowerbed, even though the soil is poor and the light is not optimal. I also planted a hosta, which I documented here. As you can see from the photo above, the hosta looks really bad. I’m afraid the conditions are just too harsh. So, I covered it with leaves and hoped for the best. We’ll see what happens in the spring.