Monthly Archives: October 2009

I was so clingy all weekend. I would leave for something, and then instead of going home, I’d just go back to his place. He’s got a wood stove. It’s so warm and cozy here. I like reading on the couch. Sigh. I’d like to move in for a few years and see how it goes. Actually, who am I kidding? I have no idea what I want.


Don’t worry, I’m just about ready to stop complaining about the relationship and be happy and live my life and stop letting distractions get me down.

I woke up this morning with vivid dreams/memories of my winter in SLC. The grime of the city was washed away by the snow. Everything was quiet and a little heavier. Isaiah and I took walks in the snow, and one day we found a fat shi tzu that we carried back to it’s owner, several blocks away. The owner lived in a strange little house that was hidden in the city, down an alley, hidden by large, landscaped homes. We went home afterwards and Isaiah hung his pants over the radiator to dry, which they did, stiff. The city was closed for inclement weather that day, but it seemed to open up everything. We were both so different then. I know that for a fact.